Travel Camp

About Travel Camp
Campers entering 7th, 8th and 9th grades participate in Meadowbrook’s unique Travel Program.  The Travel Program is a creative combination of Day Camp activities and out-of-camp trips.  Campers are divided into three groups based on age:  Tween Travel for Campers entering 7th grade, Teen Travel for Campers entering 8th grade and Supers for Campers entering 9th grade.  The Tween Travel generally spend 3 days per week in Camp and two days per week traveling while our Teen Traveler and Supers typically travel 3 days per week with 2 days spent in Camp.  The 9th grade program also includes 4 elective trips throughout the Summer where Campers can learn new skills such as kayaking, paddle boarding, yoga, golf, bowling and others!

Additionally, Campers in all three programs are offered the opportunity to take two Optional Overnight Trips (at an additional charge) each summer.  Our Teen and Super programs also include a 2-day, 1-night “camping-in” program at very exciting destinations.

Typical Day Trips Include:

  • Great Adventure
  • Hurricane Harbor
  • Dutch Springs Water Park
  • Outdoor Laser Tag
  • Camel Beach
  • Dorney Park
  • Mountain Creek
  • Power House Studios
  • BBQ Bonanaza
  • Broadway Show
  • Medieval Times
  • Yankee Stadium

Other Travel Program Features:

  • Mature Staff
  • Role Models
  • Well Supervised
  • Choice Programs
  • Best of Both Worlds
  • Traditional Day Camp Experience
  • Visiting Day Trip Attractions and Entertainment in Tri-State Area

Tween Travel Adventure Optional Trips

  • Club Getaway
  • Hershey Park & Philadelphia

Teen Optional Overnight Trips

  • Connecticut Adventure
  • Boston Blast

Supers Road Show Trips

  • Boston Blast
  • Ohio Adrenaline Rush
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