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Why Meadowbrook?

Why We Do It?
We’re here at Meadowbrook all year long planning and preparing for the Summer because our goal is to make a positive difference in the lives of our Campers and their families.
How We Do It?
Our Meadowbrook Program is focused primarily on helping our Campers learn and practice valuable life skills.  These include independence, resilience, perseverance, goal-setting, responsible risk-taking, making friends, sportsmanship, creative problem solving and so many more.  These are skills that our Campers will develop during their Summers at Meadowbrook and take with them throughout their lives, and they are proven life skills that lead to a happier, more successful and fulfilled future.
What We Do?
It isn’t about the facility - - pools, challenge course, fields, specialty areas or the lake. It’s about the people who create the experience for our Campers.  We have a large Leadership Team made up of mature professionals who work with children all year long.  All of the Division Heads are parents themselves so they connect with their Campers and communicate with our families from a parent perspective with a unique level of understanding and empathy.  Our Specialty Staff are all highly skilled and trained in their specific activity areas, and they create age and developmentally appropriate curriculum whether it’s at a creative area, a nature area, on an age-appropriate size field/court or anyplace at Camp. Our Group Counselors are hired and trained with a clear understanding that they are role models and mentors for our Campers.  They recognize that part of their responsibility is to consistently set an example of our core TIGER (Teamwork, Integrity, Generosity, Enthusiasm, Respect) values for our Campers.  The overall “personality” of Meadowbrook sparks from the passion that every member of our tremendous staff team has for Camp.  This passion shines through in the way we invest in our program and facility to keep it fresh and exciting as well as when you see and feel the spirit and enthusiasm that surrounds us at Camp all Summer long!
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First Time Campers

Our focus is on giving our Campers a euphoric camp experience and we settle for nothing less than that.
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Meadowbrook’s programming caused both my kids confidence to grow exponentially.  The general attitude and atmosphere were far above my expectations and the leadership at camp, from Dan and Rich to the most junior counselor, was superior to any I’ve seen before.  Having a young male role model for my son and a motherly/big sister type for my daughter was amazing!  Every person they worked with created a positive and memorable experience, every day.
Mason & Rich – Basking Ridge, NJ
This was the best investment we made!  The swim instruction made my child safer and that is absolutely priceless.  We raise her with the same values as TIGER and now MCDC has reinforced that foundation with an invaluable, memorable experience and catch acronym to further instill at her core.  We have a happy and enthusiastic kid as it is, but our daughter would literally screech with excitement every other morning when I would wake her up and tell her it was a camp day!   She absolutely loved it!  MCDC staff and activities made her so happy every day!  The last day of camp further drove this point home for us when I was brought to tears by seeing everyone crying and hugging and holding onto her for one last summer camp hug and photo.  The relationships she made with counselors (and kids too!) was an undeniably epic and unforgettable experience for our little girl!  Can’t wait for her to have the opportunity to experience that love and fun every summer!
Kara & Robert – Long Valley, NJ
"Nina will not consider going anywhere else for camp! We are Meadowbrook for life! Thank you for all you do. It’s a pleasure knowing that our daughter is so happy and enjoying herself so much during the summer. See you next year!"
Patty & David – Maplewood, NJ
"I’ve found Meadowbrook to have a great balance of sports and non-sports activities. The Directors and counselors are nurturing and really do a great job encouraging campers to try new things, all while running around with them and truly living in the moment."
Jaime & Michael – Livingston, NJ
"I have already recommended the program to our neighbors. I think that it is an extremely well run, well thought out camp that really delivers on amazing experiences and learning opportunities for children. I love the TIGER program and how they earn Camper of the Day based on living these principles."
Mike & Amy – Millburn, NJ
"TIGER is what makes this camp so special and unique. Also, all of the
counselors, from Juniors to Assistants to Senior were all amazing, as was our bus counselor. Tessa has really grown and matured this summer and I cannot say enough great things about all the staff that helped with her development!"
Jenessa & Rick – Short Hills, NJ

TIGER Philosophy

Teamwork. Integrity. Generosity. Enthusiasm. Respect.
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Your Child is Safe

Safety ALWAYS comes first at Meadowbrook.
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