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About Tiny Toons

Our goal at Meadowbrook is to ensure a positive and successful first Camp experience for our youngest Campers.  We want them to develop a love of Camp right from the start.  All of our Tiny Toon Campers are under the careful supervision of a mature staff that is cognizant of the social, physical and emotional needs of young children.  Each Tiny Toons group is staffed with 3 Counselors including a female Group Leader who is always a parent herself, providing a superior level of nurturing care and experienced judgment when dealing with our youngest Campers.  Meadowbrook also has 2 Division Heads, all with children of their own, that supervise our Tiny Toons Divisions (Pre-K, Kindergarten Girls, Kindergarten Boys) providing an extremely high level of care for our youngest Campers.
Tiny Toons have their own air-conditioned changing rooms, their own morning assembly area and eat lunch in their own lunch pavilion. Each day when our Tiny Toons Campers step off the buses, they are met in our bus arrival area by staff that escorts them to their groups.

Tiny Toons Campers participate in many of the same activities as our older Campers; however, they participate on customized facilities at a level designed for their age and abilities. Early childhood sports experts teach all large motor activities on specially designed, age appropriate facilities. Whether at Soccer, Gymnastics, Hockey, T-ball, Tennis or Basketball, Campers will learn their skills correctly.  Tiny Toons Campers also participate in a very wide range of creative programs, including Dance, various Arts & Crafts and cooking programs.  They enjoy Bumper Boats on our Private Lake and our Kindergarteners are introduced to Fishing.  They also have their own indoor Gymnasium, Playground and Ropes Course designed especially for them!  Additionally, our Tiny Toons participate in daily Swim Instruction and Free Swim under the careful supervision of our large team of Red Cross Certified Lifeguards and Water Safety Instructors.

Tiny Toons Campers also participate in everything that makes Summers at Meadowbrook truly special and memorable.  They have morning assembly and all of the fun and excitement that comes with starting the Camp day. They participate in each of our special weekly themes and they see all of the special shows that come to Camp.  Like everything else at Meadowbrook, these events are customized to provide an age appropriate experience for our Tiny Toons Campers.