TIGER Philosophy

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About TIGER Philosophy

TIGER represents the 5 core values that we believe create an exemplary Camp community member. Those 5 value are Teamwork, Integrity, Generosity, Enthusiasm and Respect. Campers will be encouraged and motivated to display these 5 qualities through continuous recognition of their efforts. When a Counselor, Division Head, Director of any other Leadership Team member sees a Camper exhibiting exemplary TIGER qualities, the staff member will award the Camper a “Fuzzy” or a TIGER Camper sticker.  Additionally, each day, one Camper in every group will be recognized as the “Camper of the Day” and be awarded a special certificate along with a “Fuzzy”. That award is further reinforced by the explanation of TIGER values and clearly explaining why that Camper earned “Camper of the Day” today.

At the end of each week, one Camper from each Division who consistently models exemplary TIGER characteristics will be given a special Meadowbrook TIGER Award. Additionally, every Friday, one Division is awarded the “TIGER Cup” in recognition of outstanding demonstration of TIGER qualities and values throughout the entire week. We continue to instill these values by recognizing group collaborative efforts through clean bunk awards, (among other awards) to recognize the continuing efforts of our Campers contributions to the greater good of our Camp community.

Our TIGER Program is turned into an even bigger success when our Parents partner with us. Help teach our Campers (your children) how to be a responsible member of our Camp community.


Working together with other people in a friendly way in order to achieve a common goal.
  • Working as a team during athletics
  • One Camper helping another
  • Cleaning up after lunch as a group


Being honest and always telling the truth. Knowing the right thing to do and always trying to do it.
  • Being truthful to Campers or Staff when asked a question
  • Keeping promises
  • Being a good friend
  • Showing empathy and compassion for someone else if they are upset


Sharing or giving away something that belongs to us in order to help other people (toys, books, clothing, volunteering our time, donating money.)
  • Giving up something during an activity that another Camper wants (e.g. last bead during art)
  • Sharing supplies during an activity (e.g. crayons, glue, sports equipment)
  • Helping another Camper do something that is new to them (e.g. showing new athletic skill or teaching a lanyard stitch)
  • Helping Counselors or Specialists clean up after an activity.


Being excited and happy. Showing GREAT spirit. Ready to participate in everything with a smile!
  • Cheering during a sport
  • Happily participating in every activity
  • Getting excited for a friend for a new accomplishment


Acting kindly and thoughtfully towards other people and taking good care of our own things, things that belong to other people, and our surroundings.
  • Picking up any garbage on the ground
  • Listening when someone else is talking (e.g. Specialist explaining an activity)
  • Keeping the bunk clean