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Meadowbrook Campers entering grades 1 through 6 are part of our
Main Camp program.
At each age, the program is customized to provide an extremely diverse group of activities so that Campers are always challenged and looking forward to new activities at Camp year after year.

About Main Camp

Entering 1st Grade
Entering 2nd Grade
Entering 3rd - 4th Grade
Entering 5th - 6th Grade

Entering 1st Grade

Campers entering 1st Grade are in a transition group from our Tiny Toons program.  Boy and girl Campers are in separate groups, but they each still have 3 Counselors per group including female Senior Counselors for both the boys and girls groups.  New activities added to the program for 1st graders include Wonder Works, Boating, Game Room and 1st Grade Choice.  

Swim instruction remains individualized and is offered in 1 of our 3 heated pools. Red Cross certified Lifeguards and Water Safety Instructors provide expert learning experiences for Campers.  An afternoon recreational swim allows Campers to have fun in our aquatic complex including safe, enclosed water slides. A unique aspect of Meadowbrook’s program is a team of specialists who teach all Athletic, Nature, Ropes, Performing and Creative Arts Programs and who incorporate fun and accomplishment into each Camper’s skill development.

Entering 2nd Grade

Meadowbrook’s 2nd Grade Campers are in our Freshman Division.  Athletic and Aquatic skills continue to grow as our 2nd graders use facilities that are larger in scale, although still meet individual needs. Second grade is another important transition year at Meadowbrook as these Campers add many new activities such as Archery, Mountain Boarding and Mountain Biking. Meadowbrook’s amazing High Ropes Course and Climbing Tower focus on goal-setting and individual Camper accomplishments. Our 2nd grade groups are also introduced to Meadowbrook’s choice program, where Campers have a double choice period each day where they choose their own activity.  Our same excellent communication home continues with our Freshman Division.

Entering 3rd - 4th Grade

The Meadowbrook program continues to evolve and skills continue to grow as Campers transition to our largest fields and courts.  Team sports are an important part of the Camp experience at this age, where skills in sports such as Hockey, Softball, Soccer, Lacrosse and Basketball are set into motion through organized and fun-filled instruction and game play. In addition to two group Counselors for each group, Meadowbrook’s unique approach of having specialists at all Creative AND Athletic activities ensures a low Camper to Counselor ratio throughout Camp.  Bonfire Cooking is introduced to all 3rd Grade Groups.  Our 3rd & 4th Grade Boys start a sports leagues program at this age.  Our 3rd Grade Campers have their first Late Night and our entering 4th Graders have 2 Late Nights during the Summer.  Our 4th Grade Girls begin a highly creative Jewelry Making activity.  Our exciting Choice Program continues at this age offering Campers the independence to choose their weekly Choice Activity that they will participate in for a daily double period.  Achievement tags are introduced for our 3rd & 4th Graders offering them a unique opportunity to practice the life skill of goal-setting.

Entering 5th-6th Grade

Our Young Adventurers Division continues to participate in many Meadowbrook favorites such as Archery, Tennis, Fishing, Cooking, Chocolate, Boating, Mountain Boarding and Mountain Biking. The Creative and Performing Arts play an important part in the schedules for our YA girls. All of the girls groups also participate in the Meadowbrook Dance Show during the 6th week of Camp. Meadowbrook’s High Ropes Course and Climbing Tower focus on individual Camper accomplishments.  Just with all Main Camp Divisions, our Young Adventurers play an important part in all of MCDC creative weekly themes and special events.  In addition to a daily double choice period, our Young Adventurers have a Daily Clubs Period which offers them another elective period in their schedule.

Campers in 5th & 6th Grade participate in two Late Night programs each Summer. An exciting element that is added to the Young Adventurers program is four scheduled out of Camp trips during the Summer to such exciting places as Tomahawk Lake Water Park, Powerhouse Studios, Indoor Laser Tag, and more fun locations! In the unlikely event of rain, they may also travel out of Camp as part of our creative rainy day program.

Parents of our older Campers are kept informed of their child's progress in Camp through our bi-weekly Meadow Grams, Swim Reports, weekly Meadow View Newsletter, and direct contact with the Division Head. Visiting Day for our Young Adventurer Campers is at night in conjunction with our Family Late Night. Our website is also constantly updated throughout the Summer with pictures from the Camp day.