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Although your ON THE GO van visit will be at a specific time, for our planning purposes, please advise the best window for the Meadowbrook party to visit your driveway.

We are looking forward to coming to your town! Meadowbrook Day Camp ON THE GO!
Thank you for your interest in Meadowbrook's On The Go van! We will reach out shortly!
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Gaga Pit


Candy Land

Laser Tag

Thank you for your interest in having the Meadowbrook ON THE GO van visit your home. This amazing party van on wheels will pull into your driveway and unload some of camps favorite activities, right there on your doorstep.

The Meadowbrook 'Ambassadors of Fun' staff will set up, play and enjoy your 40 minute window of awesome games and activities. Invite a friend or a neighbor to participate in the action. The 40 minute time won't start until all stations and activities are set up, then let the games begin!

Our guarantee is your child will be engaged, active and enjoying the fresh air outdoors!

The van has it all, a portable gaga pit, laser tag, crafts like beading, super sized candy land game and tons more to choose from. Best part, the van won't pull away until every child receives their own ON THE GO t-shirt to tie-dye!

All proper protocols and guidelines of safety and health will be followed; from wearing masks to disinfecting all equipment before and after each home visit and sanitizing all participants hands when appropriate during the party!

A small fee of $75 will only be charged once a day and time is booked and confirmed with our ON THE GO team.