Campers entering grades 7-9 participate in Meadowbrook’s Unique Travel Program. The travel program is a creative combination of Day Camp activities and out-of-camp trips. Campers are divided into three groups based on age: Tween Travel Adventure for campers entering 7th grade (Tweens); Travelin' Teen Experience for campers entering 8th grade (Teens); and Super Travelin' Road Show for entering 9th grade campers (Supers). The Tweens generally spend 3 days per week in camp and 2 days per week traveling while our Teens and Supers typically travel 3 days per week with 2 days spent in camp. The 9th grade program also includes 4 elective trips throughout the summer where campers can learn a new skill such as sailing, yoga, golf, bowling and others!

Typical Day Trips Include

(all subject to change on an annual basis):


  • Great Adventure
  • Hurricane Harbor
  • Dutch SPrings Water Park
  • Outdoor Laser Tag
  • Dorney Park
  • Camel Beach
  • Mountain Creek
  • Power House Studios
  • BBQ Bonanza
  • Broadway Show
  • Medieval Times


Our travel program features:

  • Mature Staff
  • Role Models
  • Well Supervised
  • Choice Programs
  • Best of Both Worlds
  • Traditional Day Camp Experience
  • Visit Day Trip Attractions and Entertainment in Tri-State area

Additionally, campers in all three programs are offered the opportunity to take two extended trips (at an additional charge) each summer. Our teen and super programs also include a 2 day, 1 - night camping overnight.

Examples of Extended Trips


Tween Travel Adventure Optional Trips

  • Split Rock Resort
  • Hershey Park & Philadelphia

Travelin' Teen Experience Optional Trips

  • Connecticut Adventure
  • Baltimore/DC Extravaganza

Supers Travelin' Road Show Trips

  • Boston Extravaganza
  • Ohio Adrenaline Rush


Our Travel Programs are extremely popular and offer a very limited capacity. Both programs fill up quickly. Be sure to enroll early!

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